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Your chance to chat with top fertility support experts

Do you ever wish you could chat to someone who REALLY understands what it’s like to experience fertility issues? You may want to ask questions about your fertility journey that you can’t ask your friends. Perhaps you feel in need of real support, but you don’t know where to find it.

I’m excited to be telling you about the first ever fertility support Web Chat with fertility mind-body experts Sarah Holland and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. They are both experienced in emotional support and mind-body techniques for fertility. They love to support people as they transform their fertility journey and want to share their best tips and techniques for stress free and joyful living with you.

This FREE fertility support Web Chat takes place on Thursday 21st August within the Blossom & Be fertility community.

What is a Web Chat?

Web Chats take place in a special area within the forums at Blossom & Be. You can ask any questions you have about your fertility journey any time from NOW. Gain support, pick up stress busting tips, and find a positive way forward for you and your fertility.

Sjanie and Sarah will be on the Web Chat for a full hour from 11.30am (UK) on Thursday 21st August and they can’t wait to meet you! You can post questions for them before or join the Web Chat live and ask then.

If you’re not yet a member of the Blossom & Be community just click here to sign up for instant membership (it’s FREE) and then you’ll be able to join the Web Chat:

Once you’re a member of Blossom & Be you’ll also be able to access their support groups, fertility forums, and mind-body resources to transform your fertility. Blossom & Be is one of the most nurturing online spaces for you and your fertility, and there’s no better time to join than now when you can chat directly to its founders Sjanie and Sarah. Get real support for your fertility and make positive change to your stress levels, your mindset and your whole fertility experience.

Click here to join Blossom & Be and access the Web Chat now!

Best wishes,

andrea Clarke

P.S. Do tell any friends who are TTCing about the Web Chat next week. They’ll need to be Blossom & Be members too so give them this link to join up for free: