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What is Reproductive Reflexology?


This is a specialised area which seeks to balance the hormonal system of the body ~ the system which is involved in reproduction and conception. Reflexology works by creating a state of “homeostasis” ~ a state of balance in the body. This is the point at which the body can instigate self-healing.


The roots of reflexology go back thousands of years and was used in some form in the ancient civilisations of Egypt and China. Areas of the feet ~ the reflexes, are believed to correspond with areas of the body. By massaging these points, we can affect change in the corresponding areas of the body.


This is a gentle, effective & non-invasive therapy which is great if you are experiencing stress. Stress as we know can play a part in fertility issues, although it is rarely the only factor involved. Reflexology induces relaxation and seems to offer a level of emotional support, which clients really appreciate. This can help if you have experienced loss through miscarriage, still birth or termination.


In reproductive reflexology, we work to balance the hormonal system. If you are experiencing any menstrual cycle issues this can be an indication that the hormones are not optimally balanced. This could include painful bleeds, irregular cycles, no bleeds, “scanty” bleeds or spotting. Or you may have a condition associated with oestrogen dominance PCOS, PCO, endometriosis, fibroids and polyps. A menstrual bleed should not be painful. It should start with a slower pink/red flow, which then becomes “full” red flow. Brown spotting at the beginning or end can indicate a misaligned womb. Red spotting at the beginning can indicate lower progesterone levels. Good levels of this hormone are necessary for the uterine lining to thicken sufficiently for implantation to occur. These
can all be addressed with this therapy.


How we can help you…


I work with both natural and assisted conception ~ IUI, IVF, IVF with ICSI, Clomid and donor protocols. The method used is varied ~ in natural cycles, I work with the natural hormonal changes that happen during your menstrual cycle; with assisted, I work to enhance medication and to reduce any symptoms.


Pre and post collection and transfer sessions are available; it is also safe to continue sessions throughout your pregnancy.


Alongside the therapy, diet, lifestyle and stress need also to be addressed. For example, there is ample evidence to suggest that coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking & recreational drug taking can all play a part in fertility issues. I also consider your birth and that of you mother: what if any blocks there maybe subconsciously; the patterns and dynamics within the family; what was your experience of menarche (your first bleed).I utilise visualisation, & relaxation techniques and often incorporate energy work & fertility massage, as my belief is that a combined approach will be of most benefit.


Ideally a minimum 3 month lead up to conception is advised as this is the time frame for the maturation of eggs before they may be released at ovulation. I work with partners too and again; 3 months is the optimal time as this is the approximate life of the sperm. So, every 3 months there are “new” sperm.


I offer both single (you) and double (you + your partner) consultations. I can then work with both of you or yourself only. If you are consciously wishing to conceive then my expectation would be for BOTH of you to be working towards this (whether your partner sees me or another practitioner). Generally I would use a multi-modality approach since there can be many layers to work through ~ energy work, HPC, fertility massage etc.

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