REBOZO: Find out what all the fuss is about… | Root Medicine
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REBOZO: Find out what all the fuss is about…



What is it and what can it do?

Just spent a lovely day in the company of some wonderful practitioners….learning and enhancing skills with a            scarf…..sound a little strange??



Well, the scarf is an amazing piece of kit really – it’s called a rebozo, and its origins are in Mexico. Used by midwifes to help with many different aspects of pregnancy, labour and postnatally. I also use it as part of my fertility massage.

It can:

  • Be used in fertility massage to open crown and grounding chakras so that client feels open yet grounded after massage and excess energy has chance to disperse
  • Help to realign the uterus/womb for optimum menstrual health
  • Be used to bind the head and feet – super relaxing, nurturing and nourishing
  • Ease lower back pain in pregnancy (shimmying)
  • Help turn baby in pregnancy (rebozo sifting)
  • Support moms in labour by holding some of the “baby weight” with them – either belly or body weight
  • Be used as part of a beautiful ceremony after birth called “closing the bones”. This energetically and physically closes the head, torso, pelvis and feet/ankles. It can be done by one or more women, is performed slowly and with intent
  • If  you don’t have a Rebozo, a long strong scarf will be ideal. But please make sure you have had some training before you use. More and more, Doula’s, birthing teachers and fertility massage practitioners are learning these  techniques and applying them to support your fertility, pregnancy and labour journeys.Want to know more? Want to have ago? Email me at: