Spreading a little Christmas cheer! - Root Medicine
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Spreading a little Christmas cheer!

Christmas is getting ever closer and you can really feel the excitement in the air…..and smell the mulled wine and cinnamon, so warming and delicious!

To add a little Christmas cheer of my own, I’ve decided to do my own little offer: Buy a 60 minute treatment for your fav people and they will receive a 90 minute treatment instead!! Making you look generous and loving person that you truly are. (£55 session for only £40)

They can then tailor their session as they wish – Back, neck, shoulder with top and tail added in (face and feet). OR abdominal sacral massage with reflex points thrown in……the only thing that’s limiting is their imagination! Pamper, relaxation, stress relief or therapeutic – it’s their choice

So, call/email/text today and complete your Christmas shopping in one go


And, of course,

Have a very Merry Christmas

With Love,


(Can’t wait to see if 2014 is as fulfilling as 2013 😉 xx)