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What is Energy Field Healing?


Energy field healing works off the body and in the energy field or, aura. It works to balance, realign and clear blocked, stagnant and denser energies which are impeding the natural flow of energy (chi, ki, prana or life force). This is a specialised area of healing, which is constantly developing and enhancing, meaning the tools and techniques which are available to us are becoming more effective all the time. This includes work which you might already know as chakra balancing; aura cleansing; aura balancing.


When we are in a good state of health the field has flow, balance and buoyancy. This allows energy and information to filter down unhampered from the outer layers of the field and into the physical body via the chakras (energy centres), and into the physical body via the endocrine glands and nervous system. The energy field surrounds and includes the physical body and contains within it the information necessary for us to access health and well-being. This is known as the Divine Blueprint. By ensuring a smooth structural flow in the field, chakras and centralchannel, balance and harmony can be restored. In turn this will affect the physical body, restoring health and well being. Your body’s natural ability to heal itself will have been given “a kick start”.


How we can help you…


We are now moving into a time where consciousness is rising, both within ourselves and Mother Earth. She is calling for us to step into the place of our power & to enhance our awareness. As we move into a 5 th dimensional space of living, working through and with the energy of the heart, our needs are changing. It is time release karmic binds & free oneself from old patterns & dynamics. We shift & change together. Know that when you heal & raise your vibration, the relationships around you will alter, it cannot be otherwise.


My interest when working with women is clearing issues which may be impeding their ability to conceive (termination, miscarriage, still birth, sexual abuse, abusive relationships, toxic beliefs etc). It is also ideal for couples who wish to consciously conceive, by ensuring optimisation of both mum and dad-to-be on all levels. If you are wishing to ensure your child-to-be has the best possible chance of attaining their true potential, then this maybe for you.
– This is a suitable therapy for anyone who recognises the need to heal on a deeper level; that working with the symptom is not the answer to their needs.
– By clearing the debris that we have accumulated through life experience (and past life) we are able to move forward with our lives, become aware of our life purpose the very reason why we are here and empower ourselves to make necessary changes in our lives to make this possible.
– It can be beneficial for any complaint on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, since it deals with the priority cause of the imbalance.
– Some clients require only for their energies to be cleansed & rebalanced.


(PLEASE NOTE: This therapy is not suitable during pregnancy, since the
consciousness of the child is in development. Nor is it suitable for those who suffer
with epilepsy or have a pacemaker, this is because of the powerful movement of
energy with this therapy).

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