Root Medicine | feminine essence: the series
These 3 single day retreats are designed to take you from disconnected to embodied using feminine embodied principles, sacred sound & experiential practices
feminine essence, embodiment, embodied practices, womb massage, rebozo
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Andrea and Emma offer you a warm welcome to a 3 part series: Feminine Essence at the beautiful Serenity Barn:





These are stand alone days but have been designed as a series so you are invited to dip your toes or to immerse a little more fully over all 3 days (book in advance to receive 10% discount).


We have crafted these days as an opportunity to feel into & open up to nourishing connections to both the wombspace & the body – embodiment. Life is a journey and we accumulate experience, events, trauma & ancestral patterns, all of which play out in our current personal relationships, family dynamics, money/abundance/wealth and careers.


We are all here now because we chose to be – and with support and togetherness we get to heal our wombs, souls and hearts  that may feel broken and disconnected, we get to be in circle and fill our hearts with love and joy, and dance between the grief and the sorrow of our life experience.



what to EXPECT

Cacao, movement, joyous dance & pleasure

Sound landscapes curated intentionally for each element of each day

Experiential practices to clear energy pathways in relation to your moon cycle as we walk the menstrual mandala, piecing together the patterns & transitional points of the inner seasons

The Art of Womb Communion ~ a devotional practice where we set clear intentions to listen, witness & bring healing light to our wombspace (note, the energetic rather than the physical)

Rebozo Ceremony where we hold space for our sisters for them to reclaim & integrate those wounded aspects which have fractured off in time & space

Vulva & Voice ~ the connection

Elemental Body ~ movement

Heart-Womb-Belly ~  self massage & opening the gateways

Our location? The stunning @theserenitybarn, just outside Leamington Spa and close to Southam

12 places available for each retreat day


A little more detail:


Session 1: SACRED BODY: Saturday 3rd February 2024

  • Body drop in
  • Ceremonial cacao: the open & honour the heartspace
  • What is your current relationship with your womb space? 
  • Womb stories share
  • What would you desire for this relationship to look like?
  • Set intentions
  • Womb communion (short)
  • Elemental Body: movement as medicine 
  • Self massage & guided imagery


Session 2: REMEMBRANCE: Saturday 9th March 2024

  • Cacao as ceremony
  • Menstrual cycle awareness – why/how?
  • Walk the Menstrual Mandala
  • Rebozo + sound
  • Share


Session 3: BECOMING: Saturday 13th April 2024

  • Cacao
  • Grief Ceremony – elements of water (fire)
  • Share
  • What is your current relationship with your womb space? Womb Stories
  • Womb Communion: the art of communing & creating deeper relationship with your wombspace & cleanse, release 
  • Ecstatic Dance: connecting to your joy


Feel into how this may call you? What does it activate, what triggers, what calls? You’ll know in your womb, your body, if this is a space in which you need to be


If you would like to book your place, here are the booking links to

3 sessions with 10% discount: book the SERIES

session one: book session 1

session two: book session 2

session three: book session 3



Andrea Clarke: womb healing/massage/awakening | holistic pelvic care | feminine embodiment coach & guide | energy medicine | intuitive healer | somatic bodyworker


Emma Kennedy: sound healing | songstress | womb & fertility massage | bodyworker | kundalini yoga teacher | shamanic healer | cacaoista


Love, Always

Andrea & Emma x