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Root Medicine, home for the awakening woman, using a range of modalities for women who feel disconnected, numb & feel they lack creative direction & purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment
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 Root Medicine

 Finding your Root Voice 

I work with women who feel numb & disconnected to reawaken their creative energy & align with clarity & direction to their soul purpose by creating a delicious connection with their womb + body wisdom


It’s an inner journey into a life of radiant aliveness, creative flow & embodied living 

You ARE READY to dive in my Love

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Are You ….


  • A woman awakening to yourself but haven’t yet found your direction?
  • Feeling a deep inner yearning & calling to clear your inner woundings & traumas, the core pieces that bind you to a life less than you imagined?
  • Feeling called to make a real change to this world ~ you see a world where feminine leadership is being called for & you desire with your heart, to be part of this movement for change?
  • Beginning to understand the flow of energy, & that you don’t wish to pass your trauma patterns onto future generations?
  • Ready to dive into a deep connection with yourself, your personal power, your sexuality & sensuality
  • Understanding of the power of your bleeds, your cycle & womb & would dearly love to embrace this aspect more fully in your life?
  • Many of my clients are experiencing some of the following ~ emotional & or sexual trauma ~ addicted to  non serving relationships ~ disconnected & numb in your pelvis/womb ~ pelvic pain ~ painful intercourse ~ menstrual issues ~ endometriosis ~ cysts& fibroids ~ PCOS ~ fertility & conscious conception

In short, you’re curious, you are ready, you’re committed to yourself, journey & healing


MY GIFTS & SKILLS ~ How I can support your unfolding


  • The woman/women I describe above? It’s me, it’s my lived experience. So whilst our stories might not be identical, over 25 years I have learnt a lot. And I want your journey to be swifter & more easeful because you are needed right now, showing up as the beautiful radiant being that you actually are, underneath the life experience. I have learnt how to navigate the feminine terrain over decades of self healing, teachings, personal experience. I am here to hold your hand, walk by your side, fully supporting your unfurling & reconnection to you inner divine spark


  • There’s a lot of talk currently about holding space, but what does that actually mean? For me, it’s about getting out of my own way, not connecting into the drama, being energetically clear, grounded & fully present in my womb/pelvis. I have an ability to hold deep, grounded, sacred space where you will feel held, supported, nurtured & witnessed in all your messiness ~ no judgement, period


  • I’m a natural clairsentient, empath and energy reader. I allow my mind to quieten, I ask deeply searching questions – as you feel into these and reply, your energy field opens, so that I can read it & follow the “threads” so that we can find the core woundings, because that’s where the greatest changes happen


  • Safety is paramount, if we don’t feel safe, if our nervous system response is not acknowledged, it’s difficult to trust the process, ourselves & what we “feel” in our bodies ~ the felt sense. Allowing the body to lead is key &  I am adept at that


  • I have a vast array of tools & modalities at my finger tips ~ energy medicine, womb healing, holistic pelvic care, womb awakening facilitation, somatic bodywork & feminine embodiment coaching ~ all woven together into a delicious blend curated uniquely for you


  • From intuitive practitioner to somatic embodiment coach ~ because you are not broken & I am not here to fix you, rather I walk alongside you, hold your hand where needed, massage your heart when it breaks, whisper soft words of encouragement when you are down ~ essentially, I am your own personal cheerleader as we together, navigate from the depths to the highest peaks of self discovery. Guide, facilitator, coach, companion…


  • NB I ask clients to commit to 3 sessions minimum because one session is likely not enough to clear years of emotions, experiences & trauma. Three sessions feels like the sweet spot.



How do these words resonate in your body?

Do you feel the call?

Let’s have a conversation


For those who wish for a more spacious experience Full day & 3 hr Immersive Retreats are offered in my beautiful urban home space, nestled in a gorgeous Victorian street in the heart of Leicester. Many clients have complex histories, multiple traumas & their nervous system requires deeper holding, more spaciousness & a multi modality approach. I love this opportunity to bear witness, reflect back to you your inner spirit & hold a deeper inquiry for you.  These sessions will take a multi modality approach, weaving together seamlessly body work, intra vaginal massage, energy medicine & embodied, somatic, trauma informed coaching. Safety is paramount for the body to release, so we will have had a conversation before as to what you are available for & what your desired outcome might look like. I offer support following your session + resources to enhance the exploration


Want to hire me or open to collaborations? I’m available for guest spots in your Retreats, Workshops, Trainings & I LOVE sharing aspects of my work as a speaker on podcasts that feel aligned, relevant & juicy. Reach out & let’s start the conversation.

“I invite you on a journey deep in the heart of your female body, to your root place, and to the root of all womanhood. Discover this landscape of the Wild Feminine. Find the connection between creative energy flow at the core of your body to reclaim the radiance that is rightfully yours”


Tami Lyn Kent


Landing Soon-4

Practicals & logistics: 25 years+ experience in holistic health, intuitive healing, energy medicine & feminine embodiment, offering a unique, powerful & transformational experience

Where?: my urban retreat space in the heart of Leicester. Close to the M1 & M69/M6 motorways + city train & bus links. East Midlands & Birmingham Airports are both located less than an hour away

For those clients who are located further afield, I offer online sessions via the  Zoom portal: Feminine Embodiment, Womb Wisdom & Communion, Mentoring for Conscious Conception & Menstrual Health ~ individual sessions & coming soon, Feminine Frequency Immersion.


Monthly London clinic in NW5 at Moon Women’s Health

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