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Welcome to our Root Medicine

“I invite you to journey deep in the heart of your female body, to your root place, and to the root of all womanhood. Discover this landscape of the wild feminine…When a woman knows how to access her root place, she finds the energy for building her creative dreams, nurturing her creations, and changing the core patterns that diminish her radiance.”

Tami Lynn Kent, “Wild Feminine”

I am here to support you through your life transitions, providing you with a safe place to land, unfold & begin your journey to wholeness. Where we assist you to root, to be present and to be your own unique self. After clearing away the debris of accumulated life experience, we can start to see a little more clearly what our soul intention is for being here at this time. And we can start to move with a little more ease, flow & grace through life.


Since working with Tami Kent, my vision has expanded beyond words. I see my path with growing clarity each day. This root medicine, this pelvic bowl, this womb, this vagina, this cervix, are where we have stored our darkest shadows, our deepest wounds ~ so it is here that we need to bring the light ~ loosening the threads that bind; releasing the stored memories, patterns & traumas.


Work with me

You are a woman awakening to yourself
You feel a deep, heartfelt calling to heal & clear your inner wounds
You are open & curious about alternative strategies
You feel that your life is no longer working for you in any meaningful way
You feel disconnected, numb, absent and yearn to feel wholeness
You have experienced trauma ~ sexual abuse, birthing, miscarriage, stillbirth, termination & wish to finally lay these to rest
You are addicted to poor non-serving relationships
You want to feel a greater connection to yourself, your personal power, your sexuality and sensuality
You’ve started to understand the power of your bleeds + cycles and would dearly love to embrace this more fully in your life

Common Conditions

Pelvic pain
Painful intercourse
Painful bleeds, no bleeds, irregular bleeds
Clomid/IUI/IVF/IVF with ICSI any assisted reproduction techniques

Work with me through your Perimenopause; Menopause; Post-partum /4th Trimester

Sometimes clients find me because they are experiencing a physiological condition/disorder. If that is the case, then it is strongly recommended that you seek a medical advice. In this way you can also gain access to crucial diagnostic testing which may be invaluable to you.


For those who wish to dive more deeply (or who live further way and would therefore like to advantage of intensive sessions), I offer 3hr and Half day immersions. You will need to be fully committed to your own healing and journey. You will need to be (or working towards) being fully engaged in the process and able to take responsibility for the outcomes and for who you wish to be.


I have more than 20 years’ experience in holistic health & healing. I offer a totally unique experience for all my clients in my urban retreat space in the heart of Leicester with close links to the M1 & M69/M6 motorways, train & bus links. East Midlands & Birmingham Airports are both located less than an hour away. For those clients who are located further afield, I offer sessions via Skype/Zoom. Holistic Pelvic energy reading, IVF/fertility coaching.

Clarity Call

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