Root Medicine | Feminine Embodiment Coaching
Awakening women to their creative energy & align with clarity, purpose & direction to their soul purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment, womb communion
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“Our body is the temple where heaven and earth meet. By creating deeper connection and devotion to our Essence within our body, we release any non sovereign aspects we’ve taken on, to become the bridge between spirit and earth”
Jenna Ward: School of Embodied Arts

What is feminine embodiment?

Embodiment is about inhabiting the self ~ allowing your truest nature/essence to inform decisions, expression and being, unencumbered by experiences, events & relationships which have all left their mark on how you move through your life. We seek to expand and enhance your capacity for sensitivity within the body ` the felt senses” ~ be that emotion, sensations, feelings or knowingness, so that you can shift unprocessed traumas/events, allowing the nervous system to recalibrate, clearing the debris that prevents you from feeling sovereign within our own being. It’s an enriching somatic conversation, where we drop out of the head & allow the wisdom of the body to have its say.

Who is it for?

The sacred feminine, yoni, pelvis & the trauma we carry as a result our feminine nature & essence is my home ground. You may be experiencing something very specific, like a sexual trauma, or it may be more nuanced, a little vague, just a knowingness that your life is not how you desire it to be. That past events, situations, relationships & emotions are stifling your deep longing to be more fulfilled, feel more vital, energised & living a life more deeply aligned to your soul purpose/contract. You’re ready to step into your destiny, unencumbered by the past which still feels too present.

Is this you?

  • Life no longer feels like it’s working for you & there is a deep inner calling to radically shift how you show up in the world
  • You know you have gifts & a voice to share with the world, but presently, it all feels overwhelming & you’ve no idea where you need to start
  • You’re waking up to the realisation that only you can instigate the change for you ~ be that job, relationship, how you parent your children, spiritual connection
  • You see that the world is calling for feminine leaders to step up into their truest self & you know in your heart, that you are destined to be part of that change
  • Your womb is calling to you, through pain, heavy bleeding, a dysregulated cycle, endometriosis, vaginismus & such, & you’re now ready to deepen the connection, because allopathic medicine, diagnosis & multiple invasive protocols are NOT giving you the answers

What does a session look like?

Each session is unique to you, since no one else has experienced your own lived experience.
We begin by gently bringing you into body presence, a “Body Wise” drop in, similar to a light meditation although the emphasis is being present, opening to sensations, being at one with the breath & feeling into any surface tensions & the awareness that arises. Movement, sound, breath, awareness are our pillars of our practice.


From a more grounded space, we bring focus to what you would like to explore in the session. That may be around a sense of discomfort, disconnection, numbness, lack of flow in the pelvis & yoni, lack of creativity,, emotional, physical, sexual or birth traumas, a desire to dive into the self & the body more deeply as you are sure the answers lie here. Equally it could be your work/service or relationship that are calling for attention.


Where are you now & where do you desire to be? Together co create embodied goal/s with inspired actions to support your process & help you move towards your desired aims.


From here we descend into the body, being curious, open to sensation, employing embodied & somatic tools to unravel the core woundings & holding patterns which keep you from living a life of power, authenticity, sovereignty, presence, pleasure & radiance.

Each session will likely look very different, depending on your need & desired outcomes. Tools used:


Liberating frozen tension ~ from incomplete nervous system responses
Limiting beliefs ~ how these cause you to take non serving actions, & how we can embrace & embody new beliefs
Unhealthy boundaries ~ with self & others & how we can reframe & transform these
Resistance patterns ~ where does it reside & what is it you revealing to you?
Pleasure Spiral ~ when you’ve reached desirable feelings, flow & truth, how to sense it & expand it through all the body
Magnetism ~ what stands in the way of your ability to magnetise your deepest, truest wants, desires & needs for fulfillment? A way to clarify desire, feel into orientation & clear any obstacles that divert you from embodied manifestation

You will receive

  • an audio recording of the session  ~ invaluable, so that you can use the drop in again and again, to find safety, grounding & presence. Clients feedback says this is the piece that brings the deeper understanding & clarity
  • a written summarisation of the session, highlighting key points & inspired actions & embodied practices to further your inquiry
  • Resources to support you, video, handouts, visualisations & journal prompts
  • 3 days of follow up support via email/messaging app ~ let me know which works best for your personal accountability. This is optional, if you’re good to fly solo, that’s absolutely your call

So you know that you’re in capable hands: I am a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, trained with the awesome School of Embodied Arts (SOEA)

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