Root Medicine | Sacred Womb Communion
Awakening women to their creative energy & align with clarity, purpose & direction to their soul purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment, womb communion
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What is Sacred Womb Communion?


A 90 minute plus online session ~ we begin with a bodywise “drop in”, so that you can arrive safely in the space, into the body, feel grounded & connected, easing out of the busy headspace & follow the flow of energy & awareness into the body. Through breath, awareness, movement & sound, we can begin to descend into the body, the breath, the heart, opening, listening, feeling into the responses, the subtleties of the body & where our awareness is being called. We employ the “felt senses” ~ a somatic conversation with the body, where images, sensations, feelings arise, incomplete, intangible, and yet, this is information coming to us from the body itself, not just from the mental capacity alone.


Once we are more present, I will describe the process, what/how it might look, manage expectations, answer any questions ~ from here we can begin to feel into & set sacred intention. Setting an “intention” is vital, as it creates the container which allows for a safer space, energy then knows where it needs to flow and that it is being held. The container is, if you like, the masculine counterpoint, as it “holds” the space for the inner (feminine) work to unfurl.


Touching into the breath, alighting & activating the third eye, the heart & the womb ~ the three feminine energy centres (intuition, unconditional love, creativity), we begin harnessing awareness & breath, allowing for the natural pace of movement as it descends from one centre to the next. A gentle, easeful process, no pushing or forcing.


I call it communion, because it is a 2 way flow of expression from your wombspace, to you as active listener

Your Experience


Our wombspace is an aspect of our consciousness & as such, she has journeyed with us over many lifetimes. She sees & knows the bigger, cosmic picture ~ she is your Muse, your Guide, your inner Sanctum. First though, we need to know & understand her journey. As we shift our womb awareness from “talking to her ”, we can begin to understand what she is holding & then where the healing is needed. She holds emotions, energies, experiences, which she might have absorbed, embedded and, feel differently to your conceptualised ideas. This is an opportunity to get her “take” on your life experience, some of which may be known to you & some which may be an expanded version of your story.


She may share to you through visuals, colour, sound or it might feel like a “download” of sudden understanding & knowingness. There is no right, no wrong way to experience this, or what it should look like, rather the key is to remain open, to allow her to feel safe so that she can fully express & voice her needs & what she needs from you. How you can move forward into a deeper & more enriching experience together.


You may receive deeper understandings on a personal level, on an ancestral level, on aspects that follow the male and female lineages, on past lives. She may also need to release emotions & fully verbalise how she is & what needs to change to to assist you to live a deeper, more attuned & aligned life.


There will be time afterwards to journal the experience, time too, to discuss what was revealed and advice/musings on how you can move forward in life, a little lighter, less burdened & freer to meet your soul purpose.


As follow up, we introduce themes, specific questions & experiences to gain deeper insights ~ suggestions might be: baby loss, sexual trauma, birth & deeper alignment to soul purpose


This is Where the Journey Begins

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