Root Medicine | sacred body: feminine essence
We have crafted these days as an opportunity to feel into & open up to nourishing connections to both the wombspace & the body - embodiment. Life is a journey and we accumulate experience, events, trauma & ancestral patterns, all of which play out in our current personal relationships, family dynamics, money/abundance/wealth and careers.
sacred body, sacred feminine, embodiment
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Sacred Body:Feminine Essence

Andrea and Emma offer you a warm welcome to SACRED BODY: Feminine Essence RETREAT day


Investment: £95

The Serenity Barn

We have crafted this Retreat Day as an opportunity to feel into & open up to nourishing connections to the body & wombspace. This is feminine embodiment. It is about learning the art of deep listening to the body and then following what arises when we are able to move out of our busy mind space and into the body. Any pains, conditions, syndromes & ailments, in either to body or mind, are really calls for our attention – it’s the way that the body signals to us that something isn’t quite right, something is out of balance & is asking for our awareness. Just this simple practice in itself, can begin to shift emotions that have become “frozen/stuck” within the tissue. 


It is our intention, to slowly, gently, wisely come into a deeper knowingness of ourselves, our body, our emotions – nothing can change until we become aware – this is the gift that we have been waiting for.


You will be guided through some simple but powerful practices, all designed to awaken those parts which we may have become disconnected from ~ and for women, mostly that is our womb & pelvis (or pelvic bowl) We may be experiencing pain, numbness, painful periods, reproductive issues such as endometriosis, PCOS, fertility. Our wombs are designed as our power house, our centre of creative life force and energy, as both the birth portal for physical life & our creative endeavours, but, if we are not fully  connected because of past experiences & even traumas, then often, we are left feeling disempowered, misaligned, that life is passing us by or that we know we have soul purpose & yet we are not able to access this or have any clarity as to what that might even be.




✧ Ceremonial cacao medicine: open the heart space with ritual & intention

✧ Embodiment practice: focus inwards, through breath, movement, sound, awareness

✧Set our group/individual intentions

✧ Inquiry | journal | option to share: “What is your current relationship with your wombspace?”

✧ Share: womb stories: a powerful practice as we listen, witness, hold space for each other, with no requirement to fix/mother/shut down (sharing is optional your presence is more than enough)

✧ Womb Communion: guided journey to our wombspace (energetic) as we set intention to hold sacred space for our womb to express her needs/wants/desires

✧ Self Massage (heart-belly-womb) opening the feminine gateways

✧ Movement as medicine: an elemental body practice to connect ourselves to joy, pleasure, love, opening the voice – the gateway to self expression




Throughout the day we will be accompanied by sound  & song, assisting us  to descend more deeply into this body & wombspace,  vibrational medicine to soothe, surrender & open to inner peace and calm. You will be encouraged to rest/pause when needed – when nothing is being asked for but space & being. 


~ Sacred Body, Body Wisdom ~

will guide our journey




Blankets, journal/pen, lunch (food to share if that feels good – suggestion would be vegan/vegetarian), water bottle, comfy clothing & warm socks! And, please do bring something as an offering for our altar (suggestions: crystal, image, something from nature)


THE SPACE: The Serenity Barn


Is a stunning purpose built yoga studio with garden & patio. Upstairs there is a breakout area if you just need some time alone to process, reflect, or regulate your nervous system. There is a kitchen area for food prep and tea facilities (drinks/snacks will be provided)  





Andrea Clarke: womb healing/massage/awakening | holistic pelvic care | feminine embodiment coach & guide | energy medicine | intuitive healer | somatic bodyworker



Emma Kennedy: sound healing | songstress | womb & fertility massage | bodyworker | yoga teacher | shamanic healer | spectrum healing |cacaoista





Emma & I have many years of combined experience in holding safe, unconditional & non-judgemental space. Only when we feel safe in the body, can we begin to fee more into the wisdom of the body & the stories that are held within. We go gently, at a speed that reflects the energy of the group. This is not about the BIG releases, the drama, this is about the enfoldment & the welcoming home to our sovereign body. 


You may have experience in some of these practices, or this may all be very new for you and yet you hear the call to be with us. 


You may arrive on the day, fully immersed in the headspace, the mental body, the busyness and anxiety. Our hope is that you will leave the day with tools to feed your body and soul. That you will know what it feels like to be embodied, if only initially for short periods of time. But as you move forward, open to your inner journey, you will begin to shift your focus, you will gain clarity, will feel less overwhelmed, more conscious, because ultimately this is about empowerment, sovereignty, feminine well-being ~ once we are on this path life will begin to feel different, pathways may open in ways that you had never imagined. As we change & grow, so too will our relationships & opportunities – spirit will alway see & acknowledge the inner work & commitment & our guides will draw to us, all that we need to fortify our soul remembrance.

No experience is required to be part of these Retreats, but we’re guessing you’re already on your feminine wound healing journey and that can feel a little lonely at times. Coming & being a part of these events may give you the support, love and holding for which your body & womb has been yearning. Come alone, come with a friend ~ you will be truly welcomed



With Love, Always

Andrea & Emma xx