Root Medicine | Remembrance:Feminine Essence Retreat
Awakening women to their creative energy & align with clarity, purpose & direction to their soul purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment, womb communion
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Remembrance:Feminine Essence Retreat

Andrea and Emma offer you a warm welcome  to the second of a 3 part series:

Feminine Essence at the beautiful Serenity Barn: REMEMBRANCE

SUNDAY 5th May 2024

Investment: £95

Day 1: sacred body | Day 2: remembrance | Day 3: becoming

These are stand alone days but have been designed as a series so you are invited to dip your toes or to immerse a little more fully over all 3 days


We have crafted these days as an opportunity to feel into & open up to nourishing connections to both the wombspace & the body – embodiment. Life is a journey and we accumulate experience, events, trauma & ancestral patterns, all of which play out in our current personal relationships, family dynamics, money/abundance/wealth and careers.




cacao as ceremony

menstrual cycle awareness 

walking menstrual mandala

rebozo wrap ~ reclaiming soul fragments 





Remembrance is the second of the series, Feminine Essence. The focus of this session is to bring our awareness to menstruation, & the moon cycle, whether we have reached menopause & no longer bleed or whether we no longer have a physical womb or do not bleed because of contraception. A deep understanding of our menstrual cycle is foundational to embodying our feminine essence.

We begin with an open discussion/share stories around our menarche experiences – how was that for you, how did it land, how was it received, was it honoured, bypassed or shamed? Honouring our Maiden Self. As we begin to understand how these early experiences might have informed our later moon cycles then we can begin to reframe, shift & shake off the old paradigms and give space for something more fluid & easeful. 

We continue into menstrual seasons and archetypes: inner winter, spring, summer and autumn; wise woman, maiden, mother, maga. Feeling into the nuances of each phase – the challenges, the gifts and how the physiology of the hormonal system literally has the ability to affect the emotional & physical landscape of the body. 

With an early break for lunch, we begin our inner  journey – Walking the Menstrual Mandala.

We understand that many of you will already be charting your cycle ( or menopause) journey, now, after setting the scene earlier, we walk through the menstrual seasons as an experiential journey, in short, we embody the cycle. In this format, it brings into focus our sense of each phase,  highlighting the inner seasons which flow, and those we struggle with. 

The seasons are mapped out on the floor, we move through each – where are we currently, which season do we prefer, which causes conflict? We then consciously move through each season, feeling into emotions, thoughts, feelings which arise in the body. The thresholds/ points of transition as we cross from one season to the next often hold resistance -but, here lies the medicine. The healing & releasing of old stories & patterns where we habitually “give” too much, dishonour our boundaries & then sink into the abyss of overwhelm. 

 We call on our allies to support ourselves and each other through these points of confusion until we sense an inner loosening & reclaiming of this sacred monthly act.

This is both powerful and transformative work & yet soft, spacious & receptive as our understanding of our menstrual cycle becomes embodied & reframed.

We end the day with a ceremonial wrapping of the body with the Rebozo scarves – head, pelvis, feet, for an inward journey or reclamation of energy, spirit, consciousness as we call back all the fragmented aspects of our self and soul. It is  so special to both give and receive – something as women & mothers we can deny ourselves of. Being held in sacred space is a beautiful way to work through the sister wounds that many of us hold. 

How this looks/feels for each individual will be completely different – trust that you will receive all that you need and it will be so.

An optional share will complete the day

PLEASE NOTE: No experience is required to be part of these Retreats, but we’re guessing you’re already on your feminine wound healing journey and that can feel a little lonely at times. Coming & being a part of this community may give you the support, love and holding for which your body & womb has been yearning. Come alone, come with a friend ~ you will be truly welcomed. All of you is welcome.



a deep understanding of the physiological aspects of the moon cycle

 how this affects our emotional, physical and mental bodies

how are menarche experience informs our future cycles

the healing we can receive when we listen to the calls of the body

how we experience the inner seasons reflected in how we move through life

a deeper presence

a greater sense of embodiment & safety in the body

the gift of sharing & receiving from sisters, in circle

the realisation that you are not alone & the commonality of feminine experience



Blankets, journal/pen, lunch (food to share if that feels good – suggestion would be vegan/vegetarian), water bottle, comfy clothing & warm socks! And, please bring something as an offering for the altar (crystal, image, something from nature)

THE SPACE: The Serenity Barn: 4 Bascote Road, Gotham, CV47 2EZ

The Barn is a stunning purpose built yoga studio with garden & patio. Upstairs there is a breakout area if you just need some time alone to process, reflect, or regulate your nervous system. There is a kitchen area for food prep and tea facilities (drinks/snacks will be provided)

2024 feels like a year of opening, evolution, a coming home to body ~ we would LOVE to have you join us on this day (or each day). Your Investment is £95. Make your booking here:




Andrea Clarke: womb healing/massage/awakening | holistic pelvic care | feminine embodiment coach & guide | energy medicine | intuitive healer | somatic bodyworker | IG @root.medicine

Emma Kennedy: sound healing | songstress | womb & fertility massage | bodyworker | yoga teacher | shamanic healer | cacaoista | movement as medicine | IG @harmonichealth


With love, Always

Andrea & Emma xx