Root Medicine | Womb Communion Workshop
A two hour workshop where we use intention to create a safe and loving space for your womb to fully express her needs, desires & the imprints she holds which are now ready to be released
womb communion, sacred feminine, womb temple, inner guide
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Womb Communion Workshop online


Probably one of THE most powerful things you can do for yourself at this time of transformation and evolution, is LEARNING the ART of communing with your wombspace. I say wombspace, rather than womb, because I’ve used this technique with women who have no womb – and it’s still powerful because we are working with the energy imprint, the energy portal of birth & rebirth rather than the physical uterus


I speak with so many women who “talk to” their womb, but Womb Communion is so much more because it’s a about creating a safe container, in which the womb feels she will be held safely AND by setting the intention for a 2 way communication, rather than a 1 way, “talk at”, it elevates the connection into a different dimension


We are seeking to find what energies, emotions, experiences your womb is holding, how she has experienced certain situations, which she may have internalized in a wholly different way to your mind


The womb is our gateway to the Sacred Feminine, to the cosmic womb of creation and I feel the woman’s direct route to Spirit. For the womb is the vessel through which we can make our personal, direct connections


The womb is an aspect of our Consciousness & she has traveled through many lifetimes with us – she may hold the woundings of past lives which have yet to be transmuted


How would it be to develop the deepest levels of connection & communion with her, so that you can listen, sense & clear what no longer serves. You can gain deeper understanding of why you move through this life in the way that you do, when you fully appreciate what has been internalised 


This workshop is for all women who are ready to commit to their evolutionary pathway, through identifying & clearing past wounds – be that ancestral, lineage, witch wounds, betrayals & the shadow side that we hold so close we can not see it ourselves


You’ll receive an audio of the journey, so that you can re-visit again & again – no journey is the same, but what you’ll find is that with each connection, you’ll learn to trust & even seek advice from your inner muse & guide


I can’t wait for you to explore the inner beauty of your womb temple


Join me


Sunday 26th March at 10.30 till 12.30



Included is an audio recording so that you can listen in as many times as you need before going it solo


You can book your place HERE