Root Medicine | The added value of working with couples
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The added value of working with couples

Increasingly I’m finding there is a real need for working with couples rather than the women on their own….why would this be and what can be added by working this way?

My heart tells me that so very often I work with only 50% of a couple’s fertility. Nearly always I am approached by the women in the relationship and this does make sense in that women are often the ones who will be driven by that inner desire to have children and often their partners do not feel the same intense need, or indeed they may already have a child from a previous relationship.

As my clients arrive at my clinic, often in the late 30’s or early 40’s, I feel that it is so very important to cover all bases as quickly as possible and part of this is ensuring that both partners are “on the same page” or at the very least, reading the same book! Now I’m not saying that you will be in complete alignment all the way through your fertility journey – that really isn’t possible because the journey can be a long one and one that requires digging deep into ourselves and our support networks and there will be times that one is more able to support then the other and then vice versa. But what I think some couples misunderstand is the need to be aligned spiritually and energetically. Sometimes what is called for is a real coming together, an openness in ones needs and desires and a thorough clearing of old unwanted patterns and beliefs.

When you get to work with couples, which itself is a beautiful process, you can often more easily get a deeper insight into the relationship dynamic and start to make some deeper level shifts. This is after all about the creation of a blessed gift – a new life – and one that needs to be honoured for the greatness & majesty for that it is.

How amazing to bear yourself deeply and unreservedly with your sacred partner, for the creation of a child is indeed sacred. More now than ever, our children in waiting are calling for their parents to be more consciously aware…they have a need for their parents to be open to energy/spirit, to be calling them in not from a sense of need but from an inner knowing that their babies are ready to be conceived, in love.

How beautiful to work through those blocks that are holding you both back, to cleanse and clear your body, to consider that self-nurture is key and that making the time for this is a MUST and not a tick-box to be completed. They are in need of their parents to be engaged with both heart and mind in calling them in. For old wounds which are stored in our wombs for maybe generations to be a released and finally put to rest. To work with each other, to honour yourselves and to understand the greater Universal picture which unfolds and the part that you have to play in this.

Our world requires these children to be conceived right now and their needs are as individual as they are unique. Are you ready to make the time and the space, to reduce your work load, to eat nutrient rich foods, to self-massage/self-care, to learn tools to help you to connect more fully, for your heart to be open? Are you ready to transform and to empower yourself? To open yourself to new possibilities and potentials?

If this speaks to you and you would like to find out more, then please contact me at: and together lets forge a path that serves you and your beloved.

One Love

Andrea x