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Essential Oils in Labour

Essential Oils and Homeopathy for Labour

Oils for the Delivery Room: Properties & Uses



Uterine relaxant – relaxes uterus, so will help with pain and blood flow

Natural antiseptic

Mild analgesic effect – mild pain relief

Calming, relaxing,

Unconditional love and support



Uterine tonic – tones the uterus and so helps with contractions

Eases breathing





Good for anxiety, pain relief, lighten mood, relax

Circulatory stimulant – helps  blood flow

Mild analgesic

Helps expel after birth


Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

Promotes wound healing

Headaches, fainting



good to increase contractions

Uterine tonic

Analgesic – pain relief

Antispasmodic – helps relax muscles

Euphoric – makes you feel happy!



Hastens delivery by stimulating uterine muscles, increases milk supply



Uterine tonic


NB: The only oils which are not contraindicated in the 1st through 3rd trimesters are: Sandalwood and mandarin – this means they are safe to use

– You can add a couple of drops to a tissue and breathing gently and evenly to relax and calm, and allow deeper breathing


General Oils: ante and post


Basil sweet European – expels after birth

Cinnamon leaf – can help in child birth

Fennel sweet – assists birth, stimulates milk production

Geranium – uterine haemorrhage

Ginger – disperse clots, helpful after birth

Juniper berry – assists birth

Lemon grass – east and west – stimulates milk flow

Melissa lemon balm – uterine tonic

Palmarosa – uterine tonic, assist birth, cervix, uterus, vagina


For vaporiser – bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit, Neroli, lavender, rose, jasmine

Raspberry leaf tea – relieves pelvic pain be dilating pelvic muscles – start to drink from 7 months


To use in the bath: Use in TOTAL, 6-8 drops of oil, mix this with a small amount if milk (full fat better, but not essential), this will disperse oil in the bath water, and ensure that it doesn’t just sit on the surface. Add towards the end, as the heat will start to evaporate the “top” notes of the citrus oils.


To use in a burner: 4-6 drops in water


To use in compress: 4 drops in bowl of warm/cold water (depending on need), dip facecloth in, wring out and place on area needed – eg using lavender for contraction/lower back pain.


To use in cream/oil : in 10 mls of oil/cream add 4 drops of essential oil (in TOTAL if using a blend)


Other useful info:

Essential oils online – carries/base creams/essential oils

Flower essences – Bach (Boots), Australian Bush (Baldwins-online)


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