Root Medicine | FAQ’s: Abdominal Sacral Massage
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FAQ’s: Abdominal Sacral Massage


Did you know that the cells of the digestive system actually produce more serotonin than the brain?? This has major implications in terms of the idea of “emotional eating patterns”. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter known as the “feel good factor”….it eases depression too and can therefore be indicated in post natal depression.
***Find out how to perform a self help massage***

  • AKA as fertility massage!
  • Very specific and deep work of the sacral, uterine and abdominal areas
  • Working the sacral area ensures unimpeded nerve connections to the reproductive area
  • Working the sacral area addresses specific imbalances in the gluteal muscles and gall bladder 30 point, pain here can be an indication of “being stuck in a rut”
  • Working the uterine area helps to reposition a backward tilting womb or one that is leaning to the left or right
  • Helps with circulation to the womb and encourages the womb to cleanse itself of old and stagnant blood and tissue
  • Working the uterine area will help to break down the scar tissue associated with endometriosis, C-section scars and PCOS
  • Working the abdomen really does help ease digestive dysfunction by improving blood and lymph flow
  • Working the area stimulates the liver to detox and release “old” oestrogen and encourages the “hormone feedback loop”
  • Working the abdomen helps to balance constipation by encouraging peristaltic motion – in this way it can help with “loose” bowels too
  • As part of the treatment you will be shown a self-massage routine & receive a videorecording so that you can practice & receuve the benefits at home, in between sessions ***