Root Medicine | FAQ’s: Pregnancy Massage
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FAQ’s: Pregnancy Massage

HI, thought I’d begin my blogging life with some useful FAQ’s about each of the treatments I offer. Please ask a question, like, share or feel free to engage☺
FAQ’s and Benefits! – there’s ample evidence out there, but to be safe I’m going to add some links so you can check out the research…..

  • Increases relaxation and reduces stress
  • Reduced stress means lowered anxiety
  • Less anxiety means your able to breath deeper and your diaphragm will be mobile
  • Deeper breathing means baby gets more oxygen
  • Baby therefore gets optimal nutrients via your blood and placenta
  • Baby therefore is likely to be healthier
  • Baby is likely to be of a better birthweight
  • You and baby will be chilled
  • THEREFORE: more oxytocin released, less need for interventions, less need for pain relief as your releasing your own natural endorphins, and a shorter, natural birth

* It is recommended that to reap the greatest benefits from massage in pregnancy and labour, you have them regularly and then form part of your prenatal care *

With love x