Root Medicine | Menstrual Mandala Medicine + Sound
Awakening women to their creative energy & align with clarity, purpose & direction to their soul purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment, womb communion
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Menstrual Mandala Medicine + Sound


SUNDAY 6th FEBRUARY 2022 at The Space to Breathe Collective

Clock Chambers, Suites 1 and 2, 6 Hotel St, Leicester LE1 5AW

Emma & Andrea welcome you to this easy Sunday afternoon session designed to help you connect to your wise womb medicine as we take an immersive journey through the menstrual cycle mandala. Positioned days after Imbolc, we will align to the new spring energy as we emerge out of the depths of winter & into the lighter spring energy.


We begin with a brief look intoThis is a powerful tool to shift & open patterns within us that we had no awareness of.
What wisdoms can the inner seasons & archetypes show & heal within you? Your inner winter/wise one; inner spring/nymph; inner summer/warrior; inner autumn/creatrix. Which seasons do you naturally flow with, which do you find yourself getting stuck in? What patterns emerge? What support didn’t you receive but are now ready for?


As you move through each phase, allowing yourself the time & space to feel into how each phase feels in your body, how you move in this phase, how you hold yourself, what are the words & phrases that you can hear on repeat in your head and mostly too, what are the wounds which still feel so fresh?


By re-framing past experiences & calling in the loving support of your sisters as together we transition from on phase to the next. Extracting the gold from each of the phases to take us into greater intimacy & respect with ourselves.

We anchor in this newfound wisdom with sacred bindings of the Rebozo Wrap as we reclaim aspects of our sovereign feminine energy.


Throughout the workshop you will be held by the frequency, harmonics, and energy of Sound… it will interweave and blend with the deep inner work that comes with honouring and working consciously with our womb energy. The Sound works vibrationally to realign us. It works into the cells of the body, where we hold our deepest traumas, ancestral wounding, and limitations.


Shamanic drum, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Native American Flute, and voice to shift, alchemise and transmute energies as needed. Our Highest Self will always want us to shift into alignment with our Divine Blueprint and the Sound will help you to drop deeper into your womb space, remembering the sacredness of HER, coming out of your mind and into your body. As you release that which no longer serves you, the Sound will gently soothe and hold you as part of this truly transformational session.


For all those wishing to access their womb medicine, realign & integrate more fully with their menstrual cycle & develop ever deeper ways to connect with their embodied self.

Suitable for those familiar with the seasonal model of menstrual cycle awareness, wherever you may find yourself currently & whether you have a physical womb or not.


1.30 till 5.30
Sunday 6th Feb ’21
Please wear comfortable clothing
Bring bottled water
Extra cushions/blankets/”sheepskins”
Arrive promptly, to begin at 1.30

You can book your place directly

Or, you can visit the FaceBook event page HERE

Your hosts for the day:

ANDREA CLARKE of @root.medicine &  EMMA KENNEDY of @harmonichealth