Root Medicine | New Moon Gathering
Awakening women to their creative energy & align with clarity, purpose & direction to their soul purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment, womb communion
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New Moon Gathering


New Moon in Aries: 23rd March 2020: 7 till 9.30pm

In this months women’s gathering we’ll begin by diving into a meditation practise to cleanse & release from the womb & our sacred pelvic bowl. We will then set intentions for the month ahead as well as the new season of Spring, using the qualities of the Aries new moon ~ motivation, determination, action, passion and drive. We like to draw inspiration from a variety of card packs to strengthen the understanding & deepen the experience ~ a new pack has just arrived & I can’t wait to share them with you ~ Yoni Oracle by Georgie Catling.

We then break to share food, to ground & sit in sisterhood ~ sharing our hopes & dreams and to be witnessed 🌹

Fee: £15

Please bring with you: cushions, blankets, journal, pens and vegan/vegetarian food to share

The link to the facebook event page is HERE

With Lucy Ananda