Root Medicine | She Oak, Fertility and Menopause
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She Oak, Fertility and Menopause


I’ve just been reminded this morning about the benefits of “She-Oak”. If you’ve not come across this before, it’s part of the Australian Bush Flower remedy range. Similar to the Bach Flowers, but because of the different location and growth conditions, it can access flowers/trees which can’t grow here.  My personal feeling is that they have a slightly finer and higher vibrational feel than the original Bach.

In Australia and the Southern hemisphere these trees naturally grows in isolation, on sandy coastal foreshores, desolate rocky regions and river banks. This might well then account for one of its main properties; hydration!  It is the female tree’s flowers that are used, their fruit being said to resemble female ovaries!

Physically, She Oak hydrates the womb which is essential for proper functioning, and helps to balance the hormones (oestrogen and progesterone). Hydration also helps with vaginal secretions. Emotionally, it’s supportive in helping us to look at and deal with emotional patterns and beliefs…”I’m fearful of being a mother, I’m fearful of birth, I’m fearful of the pain, I’m not good enough to be a mom……” It can be a great tool in helping us to feel more connected with our feminine self. In fact in Brazil and Sweden it’s being used as a viable alternative to HRT! It has been used, in differing dosages, for peri and menopausal “symptoms” too.


Negative Aspects

Positive Aspects

Female imbalance Female balance
Inability to conceive for non- physical reasons Emotionally open to conceive/removes personal blocks
Hydration of the womb
Emotional distress about infertility Balance and acceptance

I just love using flower remedies; they shift things in such a gentle and nurturing way, so that even if you are releasing negative thoughts or beliefs, it doesn’t feel overwhelming or too difficult. I’m a great believer in addressing an issue from as many different angles as possible; we are after all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. So it makes sense to address issues on these different levels! They can of course be used alongside both allopathic and complementary health care.

(NB It can be used in conjunction with flannel flower to work with karmic/past life patterns and issues which might be compromising fertility this time around.)

I’ll be posting more details soon as to how to use if you are unsure, and please or course feel free to leave a comment!

***  IMPORTANT UPDATE *** from Ian White


“Firstly, She Oak is far more effective if you add both Bush Fucshia and Pink Flannel Flower to it. For Infertility, I recommend taking this mix for a month then a 2 week break (she could take Black Eyed Susan during this 2 week period!) then repeat for a month. Continue this regime. Flannel Flower when mixed with the She Oak can help clear Karmic patterns. I was given guidance to do this after 6 months. She could add Flannel Flower now, but I think it would be more affective to just work with the three essences I mentioned for now. Her partner could take the Flannel Flower to help with the quality and quantity of his sperm. Warmest Wishes, Ian.” (White)