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The Benefits of Womb & Fertility Massage

So, what are the benefits of womb and fertility massage ~ is it for you? What can you expect from this form of womb work and can it be helpful for conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, painful periods?

How can something so seemingly simple have such a profound effect on our clients; potentially all levels of their being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Of course, as practitioners, we all bring something unique to our clients + this work because we all have different skills, different experience, different ancestral gifts & lineages. But, regardless of that, there is something deeply healing when you allow yourself to be held by another in sacred space, somewhere you can bring all of yourself. When that is the case, pure magic will often ensue.⁣

Physically, practitioners work on all the key areas that may be out of balance, misaligned, congested or just generally causing issues with our reproductive health ~ the lower back, womb and upper abdominal areas are all lovingly touched, acknowledged and heard. Our wombs hold the most beautiful wisdom within, if only we care to take a moment to check in and listen. Guided visualisation, whether by script or intuited/channelled in the moment can open the lines of communication, clear the congestion so that we may be able to relax & listen in with an open heart. This can be invaluable when we are experiencing pain, endometriosis, fibroids, Asherman’s, heavy bleeding and infertility ~ what is the wisdom, what needs to be heard, what is Her need at this moment? Often having such conditions may have left us feeling disconnected from this powerful, feminine place in our bodies. Imagine if all women were connected to their wombs and the seat of this creative energy?⁣ We advocate the use of castor oil packs to break down scar tissue & to assist the liver to cleanse and yoni steaming to cleanse & release stagnant energy. Both of which can be supportive with endometriosis, pain and PCOS.

Emotionally, a womb therapist will spend time communicating, listening, witnessing and honouring ~ sounds simple but the effects of this are far reaching, especially when you consider how many of us have never felt truly heard or been unable to voice our inner most needs. Soothing massage to the body allows emotions to rise, be present and felt and then released within the healing space. Or we may encourage you to journal, especially if you have experienced trauma & there is much impacted emotional pain. Charting your menstrual cycle is a tool that has many untold rewards ~ helping you to a greater understanding of your own natural ebbs and flows of emotions, creative energy & the ways you’re able to show up in life during different phases of your cycle. Experience shows me both personally and in my practise how this can help us with energy levels as well as with pain ~ listening in to our own unquie rythyms helps us slow down, use our energy more creatively and more in alignment with our needs.

Mentally, well, in these frantic times, most of us will have experienced mental stress and overwhelm. We are moving through turbulent times, yet there is no denying that this is all for the good. As levels of consciousness are opening and rising, we may as empaths with high levels of sensitivity feel we have no control over how we feel & what we “pick up” or experience. Working with our clients to support the growth whilst increasing the resilience to whatever life may have to offer can be so supportive for the soul on our journey’s into our soul visions and purpose. Our wombs and menstrual health are barometers of our health as women ~ if they are out of flow or causing pain, the womb is asking to be heard. Just by reducing stress & anxiety, great shifts can occur, often quite quickly. Massage is a phenomenal tool to help guide us back into our body; coupled with energy work, it can take us into blissful states of relaxation & inner balance.

Spiritually or energetically (if that word feels more comfortable & triggers you less), womb work can take us back into the space & connection with our own inner wisdom. Many of us struggle to effectively ground our energies. Experience has shown me time and time again, that if energy is not flowing with ease through the pelvis, the womb and the yoni, then all our efforts to ground will be dullened and less effective or require far more effort (and continued effort). It may not seem as glamorous as connecting with your spirit guides, angels or cosmic energy, but it’s a prerequisite to our inner growth & spiritual development. Fertility itself can be a call to open to a higher energy, and higher learning and deeper journey. Many souls who wait to come into the physical have such delicate requirements of their parents to be, they need us to be awakening, to be addressing our wounds and our traumas because they are the architects of all of our futures. Oh yeah, and then there is an Ancestral stuff ….. that’s maybe for another post!

So, I invite you to take a moment of stillness, quietness & solitude, to rest back for just a moment and connect with your womb. Rub your hands place together to activate the mini heart chakras in each palm, then place gently on your pelvis, fingers pointing towards your feet, thumbs touching in a yoni mudra (a downward point V). Breathe into your heart & down into your womb,  and gently begin a conversation. Ask her what are her needs, what can you do for her? Ask what is causing her pain & how can this be healed. Tell her that now you are ready to listen, with open heart, mind. If this feels too much, then just let her know that you are open to a connection, that you send her love & a deep longing to know her.

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