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The Rhythm Of the Moon


You wake up and go to sleep. In the hours between you laugh and love and eat and dream and work and talk and feel. There will be some form of break during your week when routine will change and, of course, there will be a longer break during the year for a holiday. There is a rhythm to your day, week and year.

The Sun rises and sets. The Moon orbits our planet taking between 27 and 29 days to complete a lunar cycle travelling through all of the signs of the zodiac. The universe is constantly changing as planets, stars and asteroids move and dance creating patterns as they all interact with themselves, our Sun, our Moon and our earth. There is a rhythm to the universe.

Would you say that you have a rhythm? And, if I may ask you a deeper question, would you say that your rhythm is unique to you?

My name is Alison Smith and I work with planetary energies to inspire us all to conscious choices. We have free will and free choice and are in the amazing position of being able to think through our possibilities and potentials when we have the information that we require. And that information will be ‘heard’ by each of us in our own individual way.

Our zodiac begins with the sign of Aries which, as it is ruled by Mars, is an instigator and an ignition. The zodiac continues through Taurus and onward as the year turns. Significant turning points are the Solstices and Equinoxes within the year. And, of course, significant turning points within each lunar month are those of New Moon waxing toward Fullness and then waning towards the dark of the moon and a brand new, New Moon.

Rhythms …

Have you reflected how the Moon feels for you at different times? Not only at New Moon and Full Moon, of course, but at all times as the Moon moves and creates different ripples of energy. Your reactions will encompass senses, emotions, dreams, physical and all will be individual for you and your rhythm.

At your birth there was a unique pattern of stars in the sky forming your birth (natal) chart. From that moment all of your interactions with planetary energy is from the perspective of that chart.

There are a great many factors involved in providing the best possible circumstances for the creative energy to conceive a thought, idea, physical form. For our purposes here in this forum of discussing conscious conception, we have to add that there will be more than one birth chart involved! Remember that many things have to align in addition to the planets.

You will, most likely, already have your mind filled with different things to do. Eating and sleeping for good health etc. Is there a way that you can harness great planetary energies to assist with this process? Absolutely you can – just remember it is a part, and not the whole!

The Moon affects our tides and therefore it is not a huge logical jump to appreciate the effects on our bodies which are mainly water. By watching the moon and becoming tuned in to her gentle rhythms so we begin to hear our own. And, due to the constant change of how our natal chart reacts to the Moon and to different planets, we may find our own individual rhythm changes over the course of time.

Astrology gives us permission to be our wonderful, amazing, unique selves. Go outside tonight into your back yard or gaze through an open window. Look at the Moon and beyond. Marvel that we are here on this planet as unique human beings. And celebrate that new unique human beings arrive here on planet earth at exactly the right time for them.

Suggested Journal Prompts!

Would you like to explore the Rhythm of the Moon further?

I have included some suggested prompts here for you to consider as you watch the turning rhythm of the months and year.  We live in a solar calendar-based society where time is judged in minutes and hours. However even our calendar has to be altered every four years by adding in a day! The Universe is not a 24/7 body of energy. Your body is not 24/7 in its cycles and rhythms.  By watching the Moon, we begin to understand the amazing cycles of the planets and so we begin to understand ourselves in more depth.

Use the questions suggested or come up with your own. Observe your body at different times lunar cycle by lunar cycle. Worry not when your cycle changes – the tides ebb and flow. I have suggested doing this for at least three lunar cycles or 3 X 28 days. This enables you to really begin to sense how your own body feels at different times and under different lunar influences.

  • New Moon

The first sliver of silver light in the sky at night

Light has returned

“I feel ….”

“My emotions are…”

“My energy is…”

  • First Quarter

Halfway between the New and the Full


“I feel …”

“My emotions are….”

“My energy is….”

  • Full Moon

She is full and bright carrying all of the light

“I feel …”

“My emotions are…”

“My energy is…”

  • Third Quarter

Halfway between the Full and the New

Losing light

“I feel …”

“My energy is…”

  •  Dark of the Moon

No light in the sky


“I feel …”

“My emotions are…”

“My energy is…”


The Rhythm of your Stars

Have a look at your notes from the cycles of the Moon. The more information you have so the better you begin to understand how you your body, your spirit, your emotions relate to the turning wheel of the year.

Astrology is not a theoretical process to be read about and filed away. I have seen people look at their birth charts once and then consider their astrological knowledge about themselves complete. It’s not even begun! The more we understand the stars under which we were born so the more we understand the amazing possibilities and potentials that we have every moment of every day.

And we all have the wonderful opportunity to observe planetary energies in relation to ourselves.

And that is why I encourage you to work with the Moon. The Moon brings us imagination, emotions, depth of oceans, tides, nurture and nourish and fertility in all sense of the word.

I would encourage you to go through the thirteen lunar cycles and map out your thoughts and feelings and emotions.

And so, I have an addition to your journal prompts:


A Visualisation for any Phase of the Moon

On a clear night, stand and look at the moon

… Breathe deeply and feel the ground beneath your feet.

… Sense the connection from your feet to the Moon herself. (detach your thinking brain!)

… And allow yourself to ‘be’

“My womb is one with the Moon”

… Breathe deeply and feel the ground beneath your feet.

… Thank the Moon Goddess for her attention.


Journal any thoughts or feelings. You may be very surprised by being called to perhaps nurture a garden or even, as one of my clients experienced, start a new business! Or you may find that your inner voice is asking for patience, calm and a pedicure! Just be open to receive exactly what you need at this time.

Just know that you are giving your body that chance to connect with the Moon and that is a very special gift indeed.

Enjoy & with love,



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