Root Medicine | Wild Feminine Exploration 2022
Awakening women to their creative energy & align with clarity, purpose & direction to their soul purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment, womb communion
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Wild Feminine Exploration 2022

SATURDAY 30th APRIL & SUNDAY 1st MAY 2022: 10.30 till 12.30 on both days

Zoom Online


My loves, I invite you to V2 of Wild Fem Exploration

This is a workshop over held for 2 hours over 2 days for those who would like to explore their inner feminine landscape ~ learn the art of self vaginal massage in space, supported space.
“A non sexual internal massage that soothes & invigorates a woman’s core muscles, vagina massage is a vital tool for women for alleviating pelvic symptoms & energetic imbalance to the pelvic bowl. This type of massage reaches the core pelvic muscles commonly holding tension. Self massage offers a new way for feminine self-care.
The female body deserves more care; in order to receive more care, women must understand the language of the body ~ how to read the physical patterns held in the pelvic muscles & alleviate tension patterns that inhibit flow. Modern women are carrying chronic tension in the pelvis that interferes with physical & energetic flow in the whole of the body. By learning to pay attention to her root patterns, a woman can enhance the flow in her core”: Tami Kent: Wild Feminine
I’ve sat with this one for quite a while & now feel this is the right time to offer this updated & more expansive offering. It feels good to spread this over 2 consecutive days so that we can journey even more slowly, with much more space to really embody the practises, so that you can feel even more comfortable to be able to go on to practise on your own.⠀

You’ll be lovingly held & supported as you take a journey into the body, relax & calm the nervous system, get a full gauge of your body’s “Yes” & “No” & feel confident enough to know that this is where the gold lies, rather than having a goal-based desire to fully get to internal massage.⠀

Our vaginas hold so much story, so much past experience & likely trauma ~ micro or macro, that is calling us for loving touch & attention. As we begin to work with these deep held wounds, as we bring more presence & awareness to our pelvis/pelvic bowl/vagina/vulva & wombspace, we can begin the process of “de-armouring”. As a consequence, you may feel:⠀

+ more flow⠀

+ more connection⠀

+ more vitality⠀

+ more radiance ⠀

+ greater sense of balance, creativity & harmony with the self⠀

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a holistic pelvic care™ practitioner & that most of my work is around trauma & woundings of the womb & vagina. And I got to realise that within that sense of disconnect & shame, so many women had never been able to touch themselves intimately, let alone take a mirror & really gaze upon their own vulvas. This got me thinking, how could I support those women who can’t access 1 to1 sessions with me & what would they need as their first steps to gaining a closer relationship with their yonis.⠀

Questions to reflect on:⠀

Do you need some support, love & guidance when it comes to self-touch?⠀

Do you need to be held gently as you move into pelvic presence & breath? ⠀

Do you need guidance with embodied practise ~ movement/dance?⠀

Is your vagina screaming out for attention, but you feel clueless as to where to begin? And in any case, you’ve got no idea what she’s trying to tell you?⠀

Or you’re aware you’re holding onto old wounds & trauma, and you feel that deep inside & now feels the right time to open the door & see what lies inside? ⠀

You’re experiencing pain, numbness, heaviness, congestion/stagnation⠀

Emotionally you feel empty, in a void space, in avoidance⠀

You may have experienced sexual or medical trauma, or emotionally abusive relationships or your body may have “created”, in a bid to get your attention anything from vulvodynia, vaginismus, endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain, fertility issues, repeated STI’s or UTI’s ~ basically any physical manifestation within the yoni/reproductive system ⠀

You may have experienced trauma’s from conception, in utero, birth, formative years & later in life & know on some level that these have not been fully dealt with, on some level they are still active (when we think about these events, we still get upset/anxious/panic)⠀
Embodiment starts with feeling safe in the body⠀


  • Visualisation, breath & touch to calm the nervous system & bring us into pelvic presence
  •  M0vement to bring us into the physical body
  • Cervical & root breathing to bring awareness & reduce tension in the pelvic floor muscles & bowl
  • Vaginal mapping & pelivic mapping~ what is it and how can I use it in my personal practise.
  • Positioning and “how to” do a self vaginal massage
  • Tension patterns in the quadrants ~ what do these indicate
  • De-armouring ~ what is it?
  • Beginning to map and understand how stress & loss of power can impact the pelvic floor tension


  • Web cam on or off, you decide as much as feels comfortable
  • Small intimate group (10 maximum)
  • No recording so we can ensure safe space
  • enough spaciousness to explore your own internal landscape
  • Understanding the body’s  “yes” & “no” so we learnnot to override the body needs
  • Entry to a private FB group so you an further explore if you wish

Fee is £55

Places are limited to 10, so that we can create safe circle ⭕️ ⠀

What do you need to join? Zoom app or desktop & a vagina, that’s it

BOOK your place here: BOOK your place here

So look forward to sharing this with you. If you are unsure if this is for you ~ please email/call me & lets start the conversation

With love⠀
Andrea 🌹