Root Medicine | Womb & Fertility Massage Training
Awakening women to their creative energy & align with clarity, purpose & direction to their soul purpose
holistic pelvic care, womb massage, feminine embodiment, womb communion
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Womb & Fertility Massage Training

26th to 29th October 2020.

This is a 4-day certified Diploma course, accredited by Think Tree, FHT and CThA.

FOR ALL WOMEN who feel the deep inner call to assist other women on their journey to parenthood, reproductive wellness & a vibrant menstrual cycle.

Womb & Fertility Massage training is a unique training, blending the spiritual with physical massage. It is an abdominal sacral massage, with the emphasis on womb, menstrual and fertility health along with healing for empowerment.

But this is so much more than a massage course!

During the 4 days you will learn the fertility/womb massage “protocol”, with lots of time to both practise and receive this beautifully relaxing therapy, which works on all the key areas where we hold tension, hormonal imbalance & past experiences/trauma. This means that we can allow ourselves to sink deeply into the senses and our womb spaces, so that we can begin to acknowledge and heal our own womb wounds as we train, whilst being held in safe space by 2 experienced Fertility Massage Practitioners. This is part of the process to then be able to support other women in their healing journey.

You will be greeted by a womb meditation and blessing, sit in circle and share with a sisterhood ~ a gift in its self. We will tap into the menstrual cycle inner seasons and what they mean to us. Using visualisation and intention we reclaim the energies of the womb space, finishing with a beautiful Spiral Ceremony, to reclaim our voice & inner womb wisdom. You will also get to experience a wrapping with Rebozo scarves, “Reclaiming the Soul”, similar to a “Closing of The Bones”, which many experience as a “rebirth”.

The Course

On completion of the 4 days, you will be invited into our private FB forum, where over 500 practitioners openly share both personal and professional stories, advice & support. This is a piece of pure magic as we support each others as true sisters. There is no charge and yet this support is INVALUABLE for the practitioner.

Theory lessons are taught via distance learning, in your own time. You’ll will have access to video downloads, PowerPoint handouts and an E-Book. There is a theory and practical exam, case studies and you will be awarded 20 CPD by CThA.

For women without prior qualifications, we are delighted to offer an Approved Diploma by Think Tree covering additional modules to ensure you can gain insurance and be fully certified. You will also be required to take a one day “Fundamentals of Massage with a trainer (£175) or an online alternative (£99).


Optimum You Yoga Studio
First Floor, 76 St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough, LEICESTERSHIRE, LE16 7DU
You can find the facebook event page HERE

Or you can book directly & find more information & booking forms here: HERE


As an acknowledgement of living in post Covid times, we have kept the early bird pricing for this course open. that will be reviewed for future trainings in 2021.
FEE: £750
Deposit: £350

Payment options on request and will be looked at on an individual basis.